San Sebastian, spain, getariako

Founded in 1995 by D. Alejandro Arregui Mendizábal, this family winery is located in Basque Country east of the town of Zarautz (Gipuzkoa). The winery's south-southwest facing slope of land was part of the ancient village of Ibaita.

Arregi Txakolina is produced exclusively with grapes from their own vineyard, under the close supervision of D. Alejandro Arregui and his two sons.

When founded in 1995, 5 acres of vineyards were planted and the first vintage of dry, white txakoli wine was available after the 1996 harvest. Currently, almost 24 acres are cultivated annually.

The winery's 2-story warehouse is home to stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 4,000-5,000 liters each. Grapes are manually harvested and whisked to the pneumatic press, where they are gently pressed. Annual production is 60,000 liters.

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